Perfect opportunity for you to expand your cultural and professional horizons!

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If you are considering a career in the photography or film industry, enjoy working with people, and have a passion for adventure and exploring new cultures, then an internship in Cape Town, South Africa is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your cultural and professional horizons!

An internship is the perfect way to improve your skills and experience in a professional work environment overseas. Whether you are looking to acquire insight into a new industry, approaching a career change or to gain some on the job training to compliment your studies, an internship will positively enhance your CV in an increasingly competitive job market.

Cape Town Film & Photography Internship Projects

For those seeking an internship with a film or photographic production company, there are a number of possibilities in the Cape Town area. As an intern, you will have the incredible opportunity to learn what it takes to succeed in your chosen industry by observing and working with experienced professionals. These internships give you the opportunity to expand your cultural and professional horizons, and build skills that will be essential to your future career. Below is a list of possible placement sites, please note however that each internship is individually tailored, based on your internship questionnaire, your background and experience, and what you are looking to gain from the placement.

The below is merely an example of possible placement sites, and there is no guarantee this is where you will be placed.

Placement Spotlight—Stillking Films

Stillking Films is a film production company with offices in six different countries. Located at the heart of the Mother City of Cape Town, Stillking's offices provide comprehensive production services for commercials, music videos and, of course, the all-important feature films. They pride themselves on maintaining very high standards of production while endeavoring to keep costs at a minimum. In addition to the advantage of filming in the best locations around the world's most beautiful city—Cape Town—Stillking has quite the listing of recent productions. These films include "Wanted," starring Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, "Casino Royale," starring Daniel Craig, and "Blood Diamond," starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The company is also partnered with some of the biggest names in the film industry, including Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, and Universal.

This internship involves working as a Production Secretary at the Stillking offices and as a set coordinator whenever the company is managing a film shoot. You will learn to communicate and work with a wide variety of people involved in the film production industry, and you will gain exposure to all aspects of a film shoot, from catering to equipment, and much more. Some prior experience in the film industry is a plus, but not a requirement for this internship. If you have a passion for film and are considering a career in the film industry, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Placement Spotlight – Razor Sharp Films (documentaries and film)

Razor Sharp is a film production company that has been in business for over 13 years, and has extensive experience in producing full features and amazing television documentaries in South Africa and elsewhere. South Africa is and continues to be a very popular location for commercials, photography, documentaries, feature films and music videos. Yet Razor Sharp has expanded it operations, so that today its film shoots are not just limited to South Africa, but also Namibia, Botswana, the Indian Ocean islands, Mozambique, and more.

Over the past few years, Razor Sharp's infrastructure has expanded and it now boasts some of the best crew in the world. The company has first class film equipment, a variety of hotels, casting and model talent, and locations that double for almost anywhere else in the world.  As an intern with Razor Sharp, you will work with the dynamic and entrepreneurial team at Razor Sharp, a team that is committed to a sustainable industry and that has successfully kept clients coming back year in and year out. You will gain experience with every aspect of the job of film production, from costing to casting, pre-production, studio hire, set building, stunts and sound effects, catering and hotels, transport, lights and grips equipment, and any travel requirements needed to get the job done. This is a worthwhile experience if you plan to pursue any career related to film production.

Placement Spotlight – Magic Mountain in Motion

If you are studying or interested in a career in photography, then you should consider an internship with Magic Mountain in Motion in Cape Town, South Africa. Magic Mountain is a film production company with expertise in commercial photographic production.  The company specialises in catalogue shoots and advertising campaigns for magazines. According to its mission statement, Magic Mountain "combines industry expertise with our expansive network of resources to help their clients create genuine, innovative, and engaging cinematic and photographic experiences."

As an intern with Magic Mountain, you will work with the production manager to help arrange and coordinate all aspects of photographic production: from travel arrangements to accommodation, transportation, production vehicles, crew, model bookings, location scouting, permits, catering, props, equipment, art buying and more. This internship is an essential professional experience for anyone studying or considering a career in photographic production. 

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