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If you are interested in a career in the Financial Sector, this life-changing Internship will give you the opportunity to gain international experience in finance. An internship in Cape Town, South Africa is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your cultural and professional horizons!

Cape Town Financial Sector Internship Projects:

For those seeking an internship placement in the fields of microfinance, economics and finance, there are a number of opportunities in Cape Town.

We offer a comprehensive array of internship openings within the South African financial sector, ranging from financial management to microfinance. South Africa is the largest economy in Africa and an internship in this field will give interns the opportunity to engage international and domestic financial matters. Applicants with an interest in economic development should consider one of our microfinance internships, as this will place you in an internship environment where you will contribute to poverty reduction through the economic enfranchisement of previously disadvantaged South Africans.

Below is a list of possible placement sites, please note however that each internship is individually tailored, based on your internship questionnaire, your background and experience, and what you are looking to gain from the placement. The below is merely an example of possible placement sites, and there is no guarantee this is where you will be placed.

Placement Spotlight— Cadiz Holdings

Cadiz Holdings, founded in 1993, is a prominent financial services group that specializes in research trading in the equity derivatives and fixed income markets, quantitative research, stock broking, prime broking, asset management and structured solutions for the corporate, institutional and retail markets.

Cadiz entered the ranks of the top 10 fund managers in South Africa in late 2006, and its leadership position in the derivatives market has been recognized in the Financial Mail analyst rankings, where the company has been rated as South Africa’s foremost derivatives research and dealing house for 12 consecutive years. 

The entrepreneurial culture at Cadiz encourages self-management, empowerment, and accountability.  As an intern with Cadiz, you will work with and learn from a dedicated, energetic team of finance professionals and will have the opportunity to participate in the wide range of financial services provided by Cadiz. 

This internship will provide you with invaluable international financial management experience and is an excellent opportunity for someone considering a career in the field of finance.

Placement Spotlight – You & Your Money

You and Your Money is a Cape Town NGO that teaches financial life skills to individuals who never had the privilege of acquiring financial literacy. You & Your Money is focused on helping South Africans break free of the vicious cycle of debt and their mission statement reads as follows: “We guide groups and individuals towards control of their personal debt and towards gaining financial dignity.” 

This has proven to be one of our most successful internship sites because interns are invited to become part of the “we” mentioned in the mission statement above.  As an intern and member of the You & Your Money team, you will have the chance to work directly with South Africans in need of assistance as a debt counselor while also conducting research, attending seminars and traveling to government-level meetings.

An internship at You & Your Money is, fundamentally, a human rights internship where you’ll be asked to use your financial education to help others. This internship is certain to keep you engaged intellectually, while giving you exposure to South African economic, political and business perspectives. You will be asked to conduct independent research, attend conferences related to debt counsel in addition to taking on a role as an educator and counselor. Most importantly, you will be leaving the theoretical boundaries a university classroom to gain professional experience with an organization that assists South Africans facing genuine financial strife.

Placement Spotlight – Kanan Wealth

Kanan Wealth, based in the Cape Town CBD, developed from Kantor Wealth Management in 2009 and is a company that provides advisory services to both the private and business sector with regards to asset management, tax advisory, investment planning and financial planning.

Kanan Wealth is headed up by Stuart Kantor and Claude Hanan, two young and ambitious professionals within the financial industry. Their business philosophies represent optimum client service and personal attention.  As an intern, you will have direct access to their intricate understanding of the South African financial sector.

Kanan Wealth is growing at a steady rate aims to have more than R1 billion under market control by 2013. This internship is invaluable experience if you are considering a career in the field of finance.

Placement Spotlight – Kuyasa Fund

The Kuyasa Fund is a non-profit social development organization based in Cape Town that uses microfinance as a tool for improving the housing conditions of South Africa’s low-income communities and townships (shanty towns). From its humble beginnings as a small NGO in Cape Town, the Kuyasa Fund has expanded exponentially in its relatively short existence and will continue to do so on into the future. 

The Fund is a microcredit organization that seeks to uplift the poor by enabling community groups to save towards housing, and by providing grant loans to individuals who qualify for the South African state housing subsidy or have secure occupational rights, but who are excluded from formal finance.  The Fund pursues these aims out of a firm belief that the poorest of the poor in South Africa are credit-worthy, and that through mobilizing savings they are able to build financial and social capital and uplift themselves out of poverty.  The focus is on promoting sustainability and self-reliance, two fundamental but often neglected aspects of economic development.

Kuyasa’s objectives are as follows:  to provide responsible access to credit to those outside the formal banking sector, particularly to traditionally vulnerable groups such as women and the elderly; to support this access to credit by promoting saving groups and regular repayment; to provide credit with the aim of improving housing and building social capital, which will then enable clients to build adequately sized houses which meet their needs; to provide an example of successful lending to the financially marginalized, and to pioneer a methodology for finding sustainable solutions to poverty. 

Its clients, who earn under R3500 a month or are informally employed, are eligible for loans of up to10, 000 Rand for use in improving their housing situation.  76 percent of Kuyasa’s clients are women, while 62 percent are informally employed or pensioners.  47 percent of their clients earn less than 1500 Rand per month (which is around $200).  These people, who make up the ranks of South Africa's most vulnerable members of society, benefit immensely from Kuyasa’s creative approach to economic upliftment.  

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