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If you are interested in a career in Journalism, this life-changing Internship will give you the opportunity to gain international journalism experience during an internship within the South African media. An internship in Cape Town, South Africa is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your cultural and professional horizons!

Cape Town Journalism & Media Internship Projects

South Africa is home to a very active and outspoken media that takes its role as the “fourth estate” quite seriously. During Apartheid, the government routinely censored media content if it contained any sympathies towards the anti-Apartheid movement. Today, freedom of press is alive and well in South Africa, and journalists regularly launch vocal opposition to controversial government practices.

Cape Town is home to South African Parliament, so those interested in journalism of a political nature will enjoy the opportunity to cover South Africa’s colorful political atmosphere. The South African magazine industry is located in the city of Cape Town and many internship opportunities exist with local publications such as outdoor magazines and travel guides. Any journalism student should consider applying  - there is an internship on offer to suit all Majors.

Below is a list of possible placement sites, please note however that each internship is individually tailored, based on your internship questionnaire, your background and experience, and what you are looking to gain from the placement. The below is merely an example of possible placement sites, and there is no guarantee this is where you will be placed.

Placement Spotlight—The Big Issue

The Big Issue is a general interest publication that is sold at traffic lights throughout the city by vendors who were previously homeless or economically disadvantaged. The magazine is published two times per month and has a circulation of approximately 15,000, which is excellent according to Cape Town standards. The editorial content is very interesting and accessible, so journalists who write for the Big Issue must have a talent for writing stories that are engaging and speak to large audiences.

Interns working at the Big Issue will work directly with an editorial team, generating stories based on your exploration of the local culture.  Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to get your pieces published under your own name, which is a unique opportunity for an intern. You may also have the opportunity to help out with The Big Issue’s website and thereby develop your skills in new media journalism.

The Big Issue receives tickets to most arts/cultural events in Cape Town and through your internship you will gain direct access to the cultural scene. During editorial meetings, the editor will suggest various story ideas and you will gain a feel for editorial meetings that you would experience as a writer at any publication with regular circulation. Publication of your stories will ultimately depend upon the quality of your writing, so the rewards of this internship will correspond with how much work you put in.  This is an incredible opportunity to gain hands-on journalism experience with an internationally renowned publication that pursues a humanitarian cause, which will make this internship an invaluable addition to your resume.

Placement Spotlight – SkyMED!A

SkyMED!A is a leading multimedia company with vast experience in business-to-business online and print publications, web design, interactive services and publishing. As a specialist media company, it has proven capabilities in strategic and effective online and print marketing and communications solutions that are available to retail, government and corporate markets.

We started placing interns at SkyMED!A in May of 2010 and have deemed this to be a wonderful site because the staff are very receptive to the presence of interns and will give you your own portfolio of responsibilities and assignments. SkyMED!A receives press access to major events happening throughout South Africa and also give interns the opportunity to publish their work (should your writing quality meet the approval of the editors)

SkyMED!A is an example of a 21st Century multi-media company that is involved in multiple levels of media production and distribution. The company produces both print and online media, and is also involved in advertising, multi-media marketing and events planning. SkyMED!A produces a variety of different publications, ranging from corporate guides to soccer magazines and travel guides; the editorial content of the various publications is interesting and accessible, so journalists who work for SkyMED!A must have a talent for writing stories that are engaging and speak to large audiences.

Placement Spotlight – Supernews

Supernews is a Citizen-Generated News & Idea Network. Positioned as the ‘Robin Hood’ of the news industry and the ‘Reuters’ of citizen-generated news. Supernews is literally creating a paradigm shift in our perception of South Africa and Africa by offering a more uplifting, innovative and solution-driven news perspective:

  • By reporting the news from a new perspective and changing the content of the news as we know it, one success story at a time, one BIG idea at a time to increase awareness, change systems and influence new ways of thinking.  
  • By democratising the news-making environment by generating news content via crowd participation - a Citizen Journalist Network,
  • By creating NEW news and building an open innovation platform, called Super Stage, that will attract, showcase and invest in the NEW news-maker -- the next Einsteins, Zuckerbergs, Oprahs and Mandelas - inspiring them to solve social challenges impacting the country,
  • By positioning itself as a ‘Citizen-Generated’ and ‘Citizen-Funded’ News Network so that it remains an independent and impartial news platform, truly representing the public voice by making all South Africans shareholders in Supernews and giving everyone an opportunity to participate in making South Africa work better.

Placement Spotlight – Cape Town TV

Cape Town TV - known as CTV - is a non-profit, community-based television station aimed at the greater Cape Town metropolitan area. Founded by over 200 non-profit organizations in 2006, CTV is committed to providing community access to the powerful medium of television as a tool to promote human rights, social justice and community cultural development.

We believe that access to information and the ability to communicate are fundamental human rights in the information age. Community television ensures that all citizens have access to the information and communication channels necessary to exercise their civic rights and responsibilities, to share political, cultural, artistic, spiritual, and individual expression, and to promote a culture of human rights. Community television has a powerful role to play in community cultural development as a means of enabling alternatives to the cultural values imposed on communities by top-down and commercially driven forms of media.

CTV is committed to engaging a wide range of community perspectives, especially those of groups that have historically been marginalized; to build a sense of community and common purpose, to promote healing and tolerance and encourage communication across barriers of race, culture, physical ability, language, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation.

The channel provides opportunities for interns who have video production skills to hone and develop their abilities in the exciting field of television production. It also provides opportunities for NGOs, community organizations, educational institutions, sports groups and government to produce programming in partnership with video producers in order to inform, entertain and educate the people of Cape Town.

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