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Kenya's population is hugely affected by the struggles of HIV/AIDS, poverty and unemployment. Besides being one East Africa's most renowned tourist destinations, and one of the top safari spots in Africa, it is also known to be one of the poorest countries on the continent.

Through our unique and responsible community volunteer projects and by working with our experienced team, there are countless possibilities to impact lives, such as through our work in local orphanages, schools, and hospitals.

Kenya's health care and provision suffers as much as any other public service sector in the country. Whilst structures are in place for an effective heath service, there is an enormous deficit in terms of staff and resources. Which is why the volunteers' help is very much appreciated by the nurses and doctors we do volunteer work with.

As a volunteer you will spend Fridays either at a local feeding program and every other Friday raising funds to support the feeding program. The other four days you will be very much involved in your medical placement, acquiring and sharing knowledge and skills and having the chance to build relationships.

Your medical background will determine your placement at the various public health centres or hospital. If you have no medical background at all, you will be placed at one of the orphanages, pre-schools or community projects.

Medical Opportunities

PCEA Kikuyu Mission Hospital:  This is a large general hospital that offers medical care to the community regardless of whether they can afford their treatment or not. The hospital is therefore buzzing with patients, and doctors attend to around 350 patients a day.  It is a great environment for volunteers to work in who are wishing to undertake a medical elective, however an extra administration fees is to be paid to the hospital, which is about 50USD and there is a minimum placement of 6 weeks.  This hospital is particularly well-known for its specialized eye unit. It has a variety of departments and wards that volunteers can get involved in, such as the maternity ward, orthopedics, the HIV and diabetic clinic, theatre/surgery, nursing and emergency care. Unless volunteers are qualified, licensed and have received approval from the Kenyan medical board before arrival, involvement is limited to observation, for this reason volunteers will only be placed in this Hospital upon request.

Karuri Hospital - Solely for qualified healthcare practitioners.  Karuri is a small government hospital with an out-patient unit, dental unit and maternity unit. The maternity unit consists of a delivery room and ward, family planning, mother and child clinic and antenatal clinic. Karuri also has a small lab that volunteers can get involved in. The hospital is also slowly phasing in a community outreach program that involves bringing basic healthcare to people that aren’t able to get to hospital.  At Karuri volunteers have great opportunities to get involved in all units as well as, if the opportunity arises, preparing and presenting workshops for staff or patients.

Public Health Centres:  Medical volunteers are able to get involved in various departments and gain much experience under the supervision of a local qualified health professional. Opportunities for involvement include laboratory, maternity, pediatric and child-care unit, comprehensive care clinic (HIV & TB patients), counselling, orthopaedics, administration, outpatient care and pharmacy.

There are a host of opportunities to gain medical experience, learn from health professionals. The exposure to medical care in an African country is certainly an eye-opener.

Orphanages and Pre-school Teaching in Limuru

There are over a million orphans in Kenya mainly due to AIDS, of which only 5 % get any kind of support. There is a huge need for assisting orphanages, children’s homes and pre-schools in the local community.  There are several orphanages and centres for vulnerable children in Limuru that we are involved with. These children come from backgrounds that have been affected by HIV/AIDS, abuse, poverty or illness. These children are in need of love and attention. Many of them are developmentally delayed and need extra attention in order to promote their development. The children's ages range mainly between 4 and 15 years.

The orphanages offer opportunities to become involved in:

• Helping with the teaching of the children, and helping to develop better learning materials and lesson plans.
• General care such as cooking for the children's meals or organising sports and play activities to promote the well being of the children.
• Building/improving the facilities to make it feel more like home for the children: by painting pictures on the walls etc. Some of the orphanages we partner with are building to expand and improve their facilities. Your pair of hands will be greatly appreciated in this practical work.
• Assisting orphanage workers in offering moral support and guidance to the children, training of basic life skills and any activities for various rehabilitative programmes in the orphanages.
• Creating and teaching the children various arts and sport activities that make creative use of their time and hone their hidden skills and talents!

The kids are very energetic and will gladly challenge you to a game of basketball or soccer. You will have a chance to make a huge impact on these children's lives by spending time with them, and contributing to their learning and development.

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