Venture out to remote areas of the Kenyan wilderness

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With 4x4 vehicle or camels for transport, join the Mobile Rural Clinics of the Nomadic Communities Trust (NCT) and the Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT), as they venture out to remote areas of the Kenyan wilderness. The clinics in operation in these areas serve over 70,000 people a year by travelling to remote Maasai and Samburu villages.

This project has its base in the Laikipia wildlife area. First settlers arrived in the area in 1907 to find a few Maasai manyattas and a great deal of game. The nearby town of Nanyuki was established as a trading centre and continues to have a country atmosphere.

Laikipia is home to fascinating and ethnically diverse communities, including the Maasai, who live side-by-side with Kikuyu, Europeans, Turkana and Samburu. Despite being a non protected area, wildlife in Laikipia is abundant and total numbers are higher than any of Kenya's protected areas, except the Maasai Mara. It has the highest diversity of large mammals in Kenya, including significant populations of all major predators and the famous ‘Big 5'.

This is the enthralling scene that is the backdrop to the Nomadic Communities Trust and Community Health Africa Trust (integrated mobile rural clinics including using 4x4 vehicles and camels for transport), that are managed and facilitated by a local Kenyan, Shanni Wreford-Smith.

This programme is aimed at those who wish to offer volunteer assistance to the Nomadic Communities Trust EITHER in an administrative or fundraising capacity. Volunteers with medical skills are also welcome but must be prepared to do administrative work.  How an Administrator/Fundraiser can be of assistance – Your basic job description:

  • Documenting information on the clinic
  • Preparing proposals to present to potential donors
  • Preparing reports for current donors
  • Taking video footage to record events at the clinics and to be made into promotional documentaries and for use as fundraising tools
  • Possibly edit previously gathered footage
  • Preparing write-ups and descriptions of both the Nomadic Communities Trust (NCT) and the Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT) 4x4 vehicle and camel mobile clinics for their respective websites
  • From time to time you will need to travel (and camp) for 5 - 7 days at a time into the field with the mobile rural clinics to gather data and prepare reports

Experienced and qualified medical staff who are able to travel out into the field will be a great help to the teams on the ground by supporting the trained NCT/CHAT medical staff in their various duties and tasks at base and in the field

For volunteers who are doctors, you will work with a locum nurse as interpreting takes a lot of time and this allows you the time to get used to the environment you will be working in. Many of the stations are busy and they only get the benefit of the mobile services once a month, so by having this extra nurse for the volunteer means that no one is hindered in their jobs and this leaves the usual NCT and CHAT staff to get on with the jobs undeterred. The nurses salary for the month will cost the volunteer an additional $250 per month.

Please be advised that in order you use your specialized skills in Kenya you may need to get "special permission" which allows you to work as a doctor in Kenya and this will cost you an additional USD$170 on top of your project fee.  

Ideally we ask volunteers to spend at least 3 months on the project. 

Special note: The candidates for this placement should bear in mind that a very active social life will not be available to them whilst in Kenya. Much time will be out in the field and in Laikipia researching, gathering data, preparing reports etc. and individuals who are comfortable leading a fairly quiet life for a few months are more suitable to this position. This is not to say your life will be dull, as travelling through Maasai and Samburu villages, and experiencing the amazing wildlife in the Laikipia region will be an amazing experience. Shanni and her team are completely dedicated and inspiring in their brave drive towards providing health services and education for the remote communities in which they work.

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