Conservation Education Internship

What can I expect?

The ALERT Education Centre (Gweru, Zimbabwe) focus on providing a conservation based curriculum (environment conservation, ecology and biodiversity, sustainability, wildlife ecology and management) to children from local schools.  You will be working alongside our experienced teacher as well as other passionate interns and volunteers both in the classroom and in the field gaining hands on experience and contributing to the protection and preservation of Africa’s wildlife through conservation education.

Expect to work long days from around 6am to 4pm with breaks for breakfast and lunch.  Interns are expected to work five days a week and can enjoy other activities during time off. 

What will I be doing?

During your stay you will assist the teacher creating lesson plans, leading classes and assisting students, both in the classroom and on field trips.  

Interns will have the opportunity to take part in lion walks as a part of the 4 stage Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Program; a world first conservation program for the African lion, and can also join our researchers in our Stage 2 release area to witness first-hand the work ALERT is undertaking to protect and save this species.

What are we looking for?

When choosing a Conservation Education intern we are looking for a candidate with a relevant background in conservation and preferably with teaching experience.

On a personal level, initiative and a ‘go to’ attitude are a must! Our lecturers and researchers have busy schedules and are looking for interns who are reliable and can do a good job under minimum supervision. You will need to be able to think on your feet, have the confidence to lead students and classes, and learn to expect the unexpected during field trips. 

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Program fees for arrivals before 31st December 2015 are GB£ 1195 / US$ 2095 per four weeks with a minimum stay of four weeks.  

Your fee includes collection from the nearest airport to the project site, shared accommodation, three meals per day and memories to last a lifetime!.  Invoice amount is charged on a per day basis.

If you wish to intern with ALERT you will need to obtain a Police Check.  As an intern, you may be working closely with children or vulnerable adults to some extent during your stay; therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that these people are adequately safeguarded.  For applicants from the UK and USA we will arrange these checks for you, the cost for such being added to your invoice and payable along with your deposit.  The cost is £20.00 for UK applicants and $30.00 for those from the USA.  For applicants from all other countries we will provide you information to assist you in obtaining a police report.  All interns on all programs are required to undertake a police check before the internship commences.

If the only thing stopping you from realising your dream of interning in Africa is the financial cost involved, why not join 1000s of other travellers around the world who fundraise to pay for their trip.  Volunteer Forever is an online fundraising resource that allows you to appeal for donations towards your costs while keeping family, friends and other potential donors up-to-date with your progress.  We also encourage you to download our fundraising guide here with lots of helpful ideas on how you can make your appeal effective.


To assess your suitability for this program, please read the What Are We Looking For? section of your chosen internship before submitting your application.  The minimum age for this program is 21 years.

Your application should be sent to and accompanied by:

  • A cover letter detailing your motivation for applying and the skills and experience you hope to bring to bear whilst with us;
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae;
  • A letter of reference from an appropriate academic or business source that confirms your experience
  • First choice of project location.

Your application will be reviewed within one week of receipt.   Only candidates with skills appropriate to their chosen internship will be considered.  Successful candidates will be offered a placement at a location most appropriate for their skills and experience to ensure that both the intern and the project gain the maximum from the program.  Additional references may be requested.  We regret that not all applications will be accepted and no appeals will be considered. 

You may consider yourself ineligible for this program but still want to become involved in the work that we do.  Our volunteer programs give a wide range of opportunities, whatever your background. Click here for more details.
Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions before making your application

Intern Testimonials
Menou Spauwen interned at the ALERT Education Centre in Gweru for two months:
"I was responsible for teaching a class of 15 boys.  The most important skills I developed were to keep them interested and to explain the conservation issues.  It was also challenging to come up with exciting activities for the kids to teach them in a playful way about the environment and its threats.  The boys were all orphans, so also the social part was a challenge.  When I said goodbye to the orphanage boys, they gave me cards and letters saying that they really loved the lessons and me spending time with them, and that they were going to miss me.  To make a difference in a child’s life is the most beautiful and rewarding thing in the world.  I am very thankful that I was able to experience this."  

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